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Bugatti 35B (winner Monaco 1929)

Half of the starter field consisted of Bugatti vehicles, mainly the Type 35B and Type 35C. With his Type 35B, William ‘Williams’ Charles Frederick Grover, son of a British father and a French mother, started from fifth place, but immediately worked his way to third place due to his quick reactions. In contrast to today’s Grand Prix distances of either 300 kilometers or two hours of racing, the pre-war races went on longer distances. Thus, it is not surprising that the demanding and narrow route of this city circuit caused one or the other failure during the laps. After 80 laps, only nine vehicles were still running. Three of them were fighting for the victory: Alongside Grover and Georges Bouriano in their Bugattis, Rudolf Caracciola in his Mercedes-Benz also hoped to be successful.



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